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The 74th annual HIWP Gala was a wonderful evening!
We honored Ori Shmul and Jon Rosner and presented our newly established Community Builder Award to Jamie Schneider Schwartz
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Messages for Honorees & the Community

- Marni and David Bessler

Mazal tov and yasher koach to the honorees for their important contributions to our shul. We are very grateful! - The Gitig Family

Mazal tov to our darling daughter, Jamie, on receiving this award. Thank you to the HIWP for welcoming your family so warmly and giving you the opportunity to do what you love - to work with the community’s young children and families. We are thrilled that the passion, energy, creativity, and love that you devote to this work has been recognized in such a special way. With so much love, Mom and Dad (Susan and Bruce Schneider) 

Mazel tov on this well deserved honor. Thank you for all that you have done for HIWP. - Wendy and Brandon Dunn 

Mazal tov to the honorees! Thank you for all you do for our community. - Diane and Gary Katz 

Kol Hakavod to Ori, Jon and Jamie on receiving this honor! Thank you, Ori and Jon for all you do to keep our community safe. We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful community! - Rena Fredman and David Lichtenstein

Mazal tov to the honorees! Thank you for all that you do for the HIWP community. - David Worenklein and Leah Portnoy Worenklein 

- Jerusha Coltof and Doug Hirshon

Mazal tov Jon, Ori and Jamine on this much-deserved honor. Your dedication to our community is an inspiration to us all. - Malka and Steven Helft 

Mazel Tov to Ori Shmul, Jon Rosner and Jaime Schneider Schwartz on your inspiring dedication to our community. Special thank you to Jaime for welcoming us so warmly into the community and for your amazing Tot Shabbat programming that gives all of our children the opportunity to experience "that special Shabbat feeling!" - Joe Helmreich and Deni Kolatch

Mazal tov to Jamie, Jon and Ori! Thank you for all that you do to build a vibrant, safe, and growing HIWP community! - The Romms Jana, Gadi, Beni, Ilan and Ori 

Mazal tov to the honorees! So well deserved. Thank you to HIWP community for always being there! - Beth and Aviva Hurvitz, Denise Hurvitz and Dale Rubin 

Mazel tov to Ori, Jon and Jamie. HIWP is an extraordinary and vibrant community and you all help to make it so. - Deborah and Stephen Schwartz 

Mazal tov to all of the honorees! Thank you for your dedication to the HIWP community. - Liz and Yuval Marcus 

Mazal tov to Jon Rosner, Ori Shmul and Jamie Schneider Schwartz on your well-deserved honors. We appreciate all of the time and energy that you devote to HIWP. Our entire community benefits from your efforts. Thank you! - Michael Kellman and Idana Goldberg 

Congratulations to the honorees, Jon Rosner, Ori Shmul and Jamie Schneider Schwartz. - Lorri Nadel, Mitchell, Roger and Marissa Nadel 

- Michael and Diane Werner

Mazal tov to the honorees. Thank you for your commitment and hard work on behalf of our shul. We are all the beneficiaries of your efforts. - Nancy Dallek and Jeff Pearlstein 

- Dahna and Steven Stadtmauer 

Mazel tov to the honorees! Thank you Jamie for making tot Shabbat such a welcoming experience for our family. - Boris and Elisheva Rappoport 

With deep appreciation to Ori & Jon for CSS and to Jamie for her full energy engagement. - Beverly Fainer and David Zimbalist 

Mazel tov to the honorees and sincere thanks for your dedication and tireless efforts in support of our community! - Terence and Lisa Schwartz 

Heartfelt gratitude to Jon and Ori for your tireless commitment to the safety and welfare of our kehillah and synagogue. Mazel tov to Jamie for all that you have done and continue to do for our community and HIWP family. - Deborah, Jay, Liana, Sam and Oriyan Weinberger 

- Jason and Rena Rosen

Mazal tov to all the honorees on this much deserved honor! - Lisa and Kenny Birnbaum 

Mazal tov to all the honorees! - Ilana and Eytan Seidman 

Mazal tov Jon, Jamie and Ori. Thank you for all you do for HIWP and the Jewish community! - Jane and Josh Grauer

- David and Judy Gilberg 

The best shul ever! - Suzie Marder and Rabbi Chaim Marder

All three of these honorees have made truly significant contributions to our community and we are so grateful to you all. Mazel tov on receiving the honor you so deserve! - Michelle Brody and Hal Blumenfeld 

Yasher Koach to Jon, Ori and Jamie for your well deserved honors. - Audrey and Keith Reich 

- Jordan and Nicola Rosenstock 

Mazel tov to our wonderful honorees. - Alan and Jane Neustadter 

Mazal Tov to Jon, Ori, and Jamie for all their tremendous efforts and leadership on behalf of the HIWP family. Jon and Ori, you keep us safe. Jamie, your warmth and smile keep our junior future Jewish Leaders happy and engaged. Yasher Koach! - Alex Kahn David Kahn

Mazal tov to the honorees! Thank you for all that you do for the HIWP community. - Julia Friedman Rubin and Michael Rubin

Mazal tov to Ori and Jon and thank you for your tireless efforts to ensure our safety! With gratitude, Lisa, David, Nili, Jack and Maya Kriegel

- Aaron and Adina Steinberg

Mazal tov and our thanks to Jon and Ori for protecting the HIWP community and our way of life, and to Jamie for bringing energy, warmth and love to the Tot Shabbat community. - Rebecca Cooper Nadis and Joseph Nadis 

Mazel tov to all the honorees! Thank you for your service and commitment to our community! - Andrea and Jason Ross 

- Matthew and Jill Levy 

Thank you so much to all the honorees tonight but a special shout out to the security team who ensures our community and our children’s safety. Kol hakavod. - Tali and Alex Aronoff

- Ali and Adam Sternberg 

Mazal Tov to Jon, Ori, and Jamie on your well deserved honors! - Rebecca and Marc Wolf 

Mazel tov to our well-deserving honorees, Jon, Ori and Jamie. - Esther and Dan Steinhauer

- Deena Blanchard and Akiva Novetsky 

To Jon, Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father and an inspiration on how to serve others, both in our own community and the world at large. We all sleep better at night knowing you keep us safe. We love you and are so proud of you. Congrats to Ori and thanks for being such a great partner to Jon in all you two do. Congrats to Jamie for all you do to keep our community thriving. - Dena Rabinowitz 

Thank you Jon and Ori for all of your time and tireless dedication leading our CSS Shomrim Team! Kol Hakovod to Jamie for your leadership of Tot Shabbat Programming! May you continue to go from strength to strength! - Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky and Neil T. Rimsky 

Thank you to the honorees for all your time and dedication to our community. We so appreciate everything you do. Mazal tov! - The Flax Family 

- Josh and Nina Ragaz 

Mazal tov to Ori, Jon, and Jamie. We are so grateful for all of your invaluable contributions to our community - we are so lucky to have you in White Plains! - Leah and Daniel Bendavid 

Congratulations to our well-deserving honorees and thank you for all that you do for our community! - Adina Shoulson and Todd Stern 

Mazel Tov to Jon and Ori on a very well deserved honor. Thank you for leading by example to protect our Shul and Congregants. HIWP has Sefer Torahs and thanks to you a safer building. Warmly, Bobby and Shoshana 

Mazel Tov to the deserving honorees - thank you for all you do for the HIWP community! - The Olson family The Olson family

- Susan and Charlie Wachsstock 

Mazal Tov Ori, Jon and Jamie. Thank you and the HIWP for all that you do for our Community and City! May We Go From Strength to Strength. - The Brasch Family 

Mazal Tov to all the honorees! Jon and Ori: we are grateful for your dedication to our community and for making our shul a safe place. Yasher Koach! -Tiffany and Michael Weintraub 

Mazal tov to all of the honorees! Thank you Jamie for making Tot Shabbat so much fun. - Daniela and Jeremy Lehmann 

Mazel Tov to the Honorees who have contributed so much to HIWP. Ori and Jon, protecting us with your strong leadership through this incredibly challenging time, and Jamie, nurturing the youngest members and their families so they can thrive within our warm and supportive community. Thank you. - Lisa and Mick Gilbert 

- Gary and Jessica Rosenshteyn 

Mazal Tov to Jon, Ori and Jamie on this well deserved honor! Jon and Ori - thank you for your leadership and dedication in keeping us all safe. Jamie - thank you for your leadership with Tot Shabbat programming. You have created a special place for young families with children to feel welcome. With much appreciation, Ellen and  Dean Ungar 

To all the honorees, thank you for continued dedication to our synagogue. Special kol hakavod to Jamie Schneider Schwartz whose tireless efforts continue to help make the shul a welcoming place for our youngest members and their families! - The Metson Family 

Mazel tov to all of our incredible honorees! Thank you Jon and Ori for all of your time and efforts leading our CSS Shomrim team! We are all safer because of everything you do for our shul! - Matt and Talia Crystal

Mazal tov to the honorees! Thank you for all that you do for our community. - Yehudit and Noam Pollack

- Hillary Nussbaum

Mazel tov to all the honorees! - Dr. Eric and Roxanne Levine

Mazel tov to the honorees. We are grateful for your tireless service to the HIWP community. Thank you! Jamie - you created something beautiful for the youngest among us, and gave their parents such a gift in the process. Thank you! - Rebecca Amaru and Jonathan Waitman

Mazal Tov and sincere thanks to the honorees! - Felicity and Stanley Schwartz

Thank you Jon and Ori for your hard work and investment in the physical security of the shul! Thank you Jamie for ensuring that our children have a place where they can be nurtured in their love of Judaism and the Jewish people. - Sara Labaton and Gavy Posner

In Loving Memory of David Nadel. - George Infald, Celia Infald, Lorri Nadel, Mitchell, Roger and Marissa Nadel 

Mazel Tov, Jon. Thanks for all that you do for the community. Daniel Rosner 

With great thanks to all the honorees -- Mazal Tov! - Sam Calabrese and Pamela Ryan 

- Brooke and Yossi Pollak

We thank you for maintaining the security and safety of our community. You have worked tirelessly on our behalf. Kol Ha Kavod. - Debbie and Marc Guthartz

- Dana Erdfarb and Joey Weiner 

Congrats to the honorees and to the entire membership of HIWP. - Rick and Jill Spitz 

Mazal Tov, Jamie! Thank you for all that you do for HIWP, and especially the tot community! - Davida and Ari Rosenstrauch 

In recognition of the honorees. Thank you for all you do for our community. - Batya and George Puro

Mazal tov to all of the honorees for their continued commitment to the shul and our larger White Plains community! - Yirmi and Shara Yolkut

Ori and Jon - Thank you for all that you do to keep our community safe! Jamie - Thank you for creating a thriving Tot Shabbat experience for us and our kids! Mazal Tov and Kol HaKavod. - Simona and Abbaleh Savitt

Mazel tov Ori on this honor and recognition for all you have done to help with the safety and security of the shul.
From your Hoffman cousins, Dan, Abigail and Elie, Esther and Joseph and family

Jonathan - Mazel Tov on this well-deserved honor. You continue to give us much nachas. Love, Abba and Abbe 

Mazal tov to the honorees! - Dovid Wildman and Aliza Boim 

Jon and Ori, we are so grateful for the leadership you have shown. The care and commitment you have for this community are unmatched. It is an honor to work with you. - The CSS Team 

Mazal tov to WDS Parent and past WDS Board of Trustee Jonathan Rosner, WDS Alumni Parent Ori Shmul, and former EC Director Jamie Schneider Schwartz. We are inspired by, and incredibly grateful for, your tireless commitment and dedication to Jewish education and the greater Jewish community. - Your extended Westchester Day School family

Congratulations to the HIWP honorees Jon Rosner, Ori Shmul and Jamie Schneider Schwartz. We thank them for their service and contributions to HIWP. - The Back Door Thrift Shop Volunteers

Mazel tov to the honorees. Thank you for all you do to make HIWP such a wonderful community! - Seren and Craig Cepler 

Thank you to all the honorees for your service to the community, and a special mazal tov to Jamie for making the tot community so special! - Ariella Deutsch and Andrew Kleinfeld 

Mazel tov to all of the honorees for their immense contributions to the HI community. A special thanks to Jamie for making the tot Shabbat community such a warm and welcoming place for everyone. - Alana Cohen and Ariel Baruch 

Congratulations to all of the honorees. Ori and Jon Mazal Tov on this well-deserved honor. We thank both of you and all of the volunteer Shomrim for your dedication and work. - Tami and Joey Stalbow 

Mazel tov to the honorees! - Jennifer and Jeffrey Lavine 

Thank you Jamie for your leadership amongst the youngest HIWP Members! Thank you to Ori for your dedication to the security of the community! - Ricky and Becca Zisholtz 

- Isaac Wagner and Ilana Rosman 

Jamie, we really miss you guys in Riverdale, but watching your impact on the beautiful HI community is an inspiration and we are so proud of all you have created. May you continue to lead with amazing commitment, generosity and creativity. With so much love from Matt, Shifra, Jacob Noah & Dahlia 

Dearest Jamie, you embody friendship, kindness, generosity and middot. We learn from you and look up to you. White Plains is so lucky to have you! Love, The Mitnicks 

We are so grateful for our HIWP community and the role it has played in helping us nurture our family. - Adina Frydman and Avi Orlow 

Mazel tov to all the honorees on this well deserved honor. Thank you for all you do for our shul and community. - Jamie Wolf and Justin Greenberger 

Kol Hakavod to the Honorees. - Judy and Judah Roher 

Mazel tov to Jamie, Ori, and Jon! You are such inspiring community leaders. Your tireless efforts have enhanced our experience as members of this special community and we are incredibly grateful for everything you do. - Michelle and Orrie Levy 

Mazal Tov and thank you Jon, Ori and Jamie. We appreciate all you do for the HI community. - Wendy Leibowitz 

Mazal tov to Jon, Ori, and Jamie! Thank you for everything that you do for the community. - Arielle and Yehuda Cohen 

- Jamie Minkove 

Mazal tov to all the honorees! - Carmella Abraham and Steven Kubersky 

In honor of our amazing sister and aunt, Jamie. You make an impact wherever you go thanks to your caring nature, creative ideas, and value of community. The children of HIWP are so fortunate to have you, as are the children of SAR and the children in your extended family! We love you and are so proud of you! - Stephanie and Shachar, Dani, Ellie and Jesse 

Ori and Jon - thank you for everything you do to keep our community safe. Jamie - we are honored to have you leading our Tot community and even more grateful for your friendship!! - Jaclyn and Greg Tyng 

Mazel tov to Ori and Jon. Thank you for keeping the community safe! - Ilana Rosenberg and Michah Gottlieb and Family 

Jamie is an amazing wife, mother, daughter in law and sister in law. I’m so happy that the community has been able to experience what our family has always known; Jamie is a treasure. We are so happy that Jamie, Kivi, Lev and Rose have found such a special community to put down roots. - Debbie Schwartz, Barak Schwartz, and Dana Elkobi 

- Jack Nahmod and Yael Slonim 

Mazel tov to the honorees. Thank you for all you do for HIWP. - Dan and Debbie Lehman

Mazal to all the honorees! - Harry and Avigayil Askenazi 

- Naomi and Steven Levinson 

In honor of and best wishes to Rabbi Chaim Marder. - Steven Rothschild

Mazal Tov to our deserving honorees, Jon Rosner, Ori Shmul, and Jamie Schneider Schwartz. Your commitment and dedication is very much appreciated! - Galina and Yedidia Neumeier, Suzy Toporovsky, Mimi Zohar

With much love, appreciation & gratitude to HIWP. In honor of the youngest members of our wonderful shul community, the adorable Tot Shabbat kiddos! May your love of Shabbat and connection to community continue for many years to come! - Jamie Schneider Schwartz and Kivi Schwartz 

Jamie, We admire you, because something very special in you leads you to serve when others might step back. We are Inspired by your generosity and many good deeds. We are so very proud to call you "our" family. Very fondly, Niti and Josh 

Congratulations to Ori and Jon! Thank You for Hard Work Keeping our Community Safe! - David & Adrienne Goldberg 

Yasher Koach for the 2024 honorees. We are so grateful for your time and energy. - Gerry Angel and Family, Barbara and Martin Marks, Sari Wacks and Nathan Rosenblatt 

Dear Jon, Mazal tov on being a Guest of Honor at the HIWP 2024 Gala. Your hard work and dedication to HIWP over the years has greatly contributed to the activities and growth of the shul. Your unwavering commitment to the Security Team is essential in ensuring the ongoing safety of everyone who comes to HIWP. We are so proud to call you our son. With much love, - Mommy and Sam 

Dear Jamie, Mazal tov! Your dedication and hard work is truly inspiring. You have been a Baalat Chesed for as long as we can remember. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Love, Rebecca and Mark Grundman 

Mazal Tov to the honorees, Jon, Ori, and Jamie. - Gail and Daniel Kabakoff 

Thank you Ori & Jon for keeping us safe and for all your tireless work. May you go from strength to strength! Mazal Tov Jaime! With great admiration, - Rhonda and Gerard Rose 

Mazal tov to the honorees. - Gerson Smith

- Jon Bellman and Pamela Mund 

Mazel tov on being chosen for the Community Service Award. We are so proud of you. May you continue to be an inspiration to the entire community with your bright smile, warmth and hard work. - The Mahler and Taragin Families 

- Dana and Jonathan Rubin 

Mazal Tov Jamie! - Rose and Morty

- Rachel Federman and Hillel Greene

Mazal tov to Jamie! Celebrating her invaluable dedication and expertise in Jewish early childhood education and deep commitment to the community. - Sarah and Michael Jabbour 

Mazal tov, Jamie, on your exceptional contribution to the White Plains community, a gift we know you give with deep caring and warmth - a family tradition. May you continue to give with your loving spirit together with your precious family! We love you! - Shulie and Jack Goldhaber 

- Dovid and Sharona Kotkes 

- Rachel Lerner 

Mazal tov Jamie on this incredible honor. It is no surprise that even given the short time you have lived in this wonderful community you have made a significant impact. You are an incredible person and friend and I am so honored to have you in my life! - Allison and Elisha Hus 

Mazel tov, Jamie, on this amazing honor! - Emily Belfer Rosen and Raphy Rosen 

Jamie , we are so proud of you receiving a special award as you are such a special person. Love, Sherry and Aba 

- Avi Flax 

Mazel tov to all the honorees! - Sara and Eytan Rait 

Jamie is an exceptional human being with the biggest heart and a holistic knowledge of children. She has taught me and other teachers so much about building community and showing up for each other. - Ava Kramer 

Mazal tov, Jamie on receiving this beautiful award! Your enthusiasm, creativity, care, and love shine through in all that you do! You are an inspiration to us! Love, Brianna Brockman and Uri Netzer 

- Jon Madof 

So proud and honored to call Jamie a long distance close friend who I am lucky and grateful to connect to and learn from constantly for so many years. The way you care for and contribute to your community is an inspiration! Mazal tov and lots of love from Israel! - Tali Muroff-Seligsohn 

Mazel tov Jamie on your well deserved honor! Your dedication to community and hard work is truly inspiring. We feel so lucky to have you and Kivi as close friends!! - Ephraim and Miriam Leiderman 

Mazal tov Ori and Jon. Thank you for that you do. - Phyllis and Louis Morris 

Mazel tov Jon on your well deserved honor! - Rachel and Ari Rosner 

- Serge Fein 

Mazal tov. - Robert Alpert 
Congratulations to Jamie Schneider-Schwartz on her honor! - Daniel Remin and Fruma Reiss 

- Noa Wolf 

Mazal tov, Jamie! All of your communal spaces are blessed by your leadership, creativity, and passion. We are so proud of you! Love, Adela & Benjy Bloch 

Mazal tov to the honorees. - Kay Cohen 

- Shoshi Borowski 

Mazal tov Jamie on this well deserved honor! The HIWP community is so lucky to have you! - Dani and Michael Levine 

Jamie, Mazel-Tov! Your remarkable energy and commitment have reached so many! - Sharon Movsas 

Congratulations Jon on this well deserved honor! - Michael, Jessica, Ella, Jakey, and Serena Rosner 

Congratulations to all the honorees, plus a special congratulations to my son-in-law Jon, for the long hours I know he has committed to the security of his community. And to his family, who contributed their support to his effort. - Moshe Rabinowitz 

To a wonderful community, with special love to Rabbanit Atara Lindenbaum. - Zelda R. Stern 

Mazel tov Jon, Ori, and Jamie! Your recognition is well-deserved for all you do to help our community thrive. - Shira Goldman

Jamie, we are enormously proud of you and all that you have brought to your community in such a short time. But having known you all your life, we are not at all surprised. We love you and we are honored to share in this celebration of your commitment and achievements. - (Aunt) Meri-Jane Rochelson and (Uncle) Joel Mintz 

Congratulations to my son-in-law Jon Rosner on receiving this well deserved honor for his contributions to the community. - Brenda Rabinowitz

Jamie, Mazal Tov on being honored at this dinner, what an amazing accomplishment! Wishing you many more years of fulfilling work in the community. - Ava and Danny Lieberman 

Mazel tov Jamie on the most well deserved honor! Your passion to create change and community everywhere you go is so inspiring. All our love - Atara and Zach Bienenfeld and Co 

Mazal tov to the attendees!! Thank you for your hard work on behalf of our community!! - Jessica and Jeremy Rosenblum 

A well-deserved yasher koach to Ori, Jon, and Jamie! You have helped create and nurture a wonderful kehilla. - Alan and Toby Zaitchik

- Burt Henry

- Baruch and Chana Seff


Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784