HIWP Chanukah Panoply event

HIWP Chanukah Panoply event.Panoply was an exciting event that brought together all ages from our community. There were various trivia activities like:guess that smellname that tunename that olympic sportmagic eyeetc.Food and cocktails were great! Thank you all for coming!

Posted by Hebrew Institute of White Plains on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Some people find contradictions in those words. We find fertile ground for the warm, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating environment that is the Hebrew Institute of White Plains. Our synagogue is more than a building; it’s a family. Let it be part of your family, too. Come learn with us. Daven with us. Perform acts of kindness with us. Let’s get to know each other. Come for Shabbat. Contact us and the HIWP community will be delighted to serve as your host.

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