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At the Hebrew Institute of White Plains, we gather in a warm, supportive environment to pray, study, and share our lives together in a spirit that celebrates all of our diverse members. We are bound and guided by halachah and Orthodox tradition, with an approach that embraces every Jew—men, women, young, old, singles, marrieds, of all sexual orientations and family constellations—and at all levels of Jewish knowledge and observance. We are G-d centric and human focused, emphasizing the centrality of uplifting prayer, Torah study, and personal growth to the religious life, while always paying close attention to the experiences and needs of each of our members. Our community is also steadfast in our support of the State of Israel. We engage in ongoing dialogue and education to best understand the realities of religious, social, and political life in Israel today.

Our vision of a forward-looking, Modern Orthodox kehillah is one that fosters an inspiring, joyful observant life, while pursuing active engagement with an ever-changing world. We are involved in the issues of the day, both within our community and through engagement with the broader Jewish and secular worlds. Through programming and organizational involvement, we learn, challenge our assumptions, and encourage thoughtful conversation between Orthodoxy, tradition, and modern perspectives.

We welcome guests to join us for Shabbat and personally experience our very special community. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a visit!

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784