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Please join us Sunday, June 13th for a virtual gathering of fun, games and ‘kiddush-style’ Zooming at the 71st annual celebration of HIWP!
During these unprecedented times, our Gabbaiim—Leah, Gadi, Michael, & Bobby, and our Co-Presidents—Kara and Doug, have helped anchor HIWP, seeing us through it all. Their leadership, creativity and devotion are a huge reason why HIWP continues to be such a warm, vibrant and unique community.
The Zoom Gala Gala 2021 promises to be a memorable evening, so register today and don’t miss out!



Mazal Tov to the Honorees and Thank You for making our community stronger. We are very excited for the upcoming gala (big thank you to Paula and the committee!) and are thrilled that we are all hopefully one step closer to celebrating together in person soon! Diana & Liron Gitig
Mazel Tov and Kol hakavod, to our gabbaim, for keeping us spiritually and socially connected over this long year, with intelligence, tenacity and grace! Doug and Kara, we can’t thank you enough for leading us through this unimaginably challenging couple of years! You have approached this role with generosity, clarity and balance, and we truly appreciate your strong leadership. Today Rabbah and Yasher Koach! And, to our HIWP family, we can’t wait to be with you all “in the room where it happens”, as soon as possible! We miss you! Rena Fredman & David Lichtenstein
Thank you to the wonderful honorees, Leah, Gadi, Bobby, Michael, Kara and Doug, for your years of dedication to HI. We've all benefited immensely from your hard work and devotion to our community. Mazal Tov! We miss seeing all of our friends weekly and look forward to reuniting soon. Paula & Alex Flax
Mazal Tov to our amazing and resilient Gabbais! Thank you to Kara and Doug for your outstanding leadership over the past 2 years. Well done! Yasher Koach! David & Alex Kahn
Kol Hakavod to all the honorees. To Leah, Gadi, Michael, & Bobby - thank you so much for taking on the herculean and often thankless task of organizing our tefillot and ensuring that they take place (no matter where, when or how!). To our Co-Presidents Kara and Doug - thank you both for shepherding HIWP, the board and the executive committee these last two years. Your tenure has been marked by incredible growth, vibrancy and enthusiasm despite all the challenges we've faced. We could not have done any of it without your thoughtful, steady and inspiring leadership. Get some well deserved rest! And finally, a HUGE HUGE HUGE kol hakavod to Paula Flax for chairing the Zoom Gala Gala! We are so excited to be a part of the amazing event you have planned for our community as we join together to honor our deserving honorees. Talia, Marc, Daniel, Joshua, Hannah & Libby Metson
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to an Extraordinary Team for shepherding us through an extraordinary year. Audrey & Keith Reich
Jonathan & Laura Heller
Congratulations to HIWP for the extraordinary efforts they have made to maintain their shul and community through these difficult times. Especial congratulations to the Gabbaim and our son Michael for their work and ingenuity. Ira Kellman
We are thankful to have been welcomed so warmly by the entire HIWP community during our 1st year in the neighborhood, and we look forward to calling the new building "home" for years to come! Harry & Avigayil Askenazi
Mazel Tov and Kol hakavod, to our dedicated and steadfast and warm-hearted gabbaim, for keeping our services going through rain, sleet, snow and pandemic over this long year. Doug and Kara, thank you for not bailing when you realized this would not be the job you signed on for! You have maintained your sense of humor all while dealing with a most difficult situation. Yasher Koach! Looking forward to being together again as a community, soon. Debbie & Marc Guthartz
Mazel tov Michael! Thank you for your inspiring leadership in these challenging times. Much love, the Dubler-Furmans
Mazel tov to all our honorees! Thank you all so much for your truly tireless efforts on behalf of the shul. And to the broader HIWP community, I just want to say that I can't wait until we can all be together in person again! Shira Goldman
Mazal Tov to Leah, Michael, Gadi, Bobby, Kara and Doug, for all you have done to get us through the past year (and all you did for years before that)! Your collective dedication to HI and to "keeping us together" is a true inspiration to the entire community. We can't wait to celebrate you all at the Zoom Gala Gala! Brooke & Yossi Pollak
You guys definitely go more then you bargained for this year! Thank you so much for your creativity, compassion, humor and perseverance in leading us through these tumultuous times! Yasher Koach! Gerry Angel, Barabara & Martin Marks, Sari Wacks & Nathan Rosenblatt
We are BOB BRODY's parents. Just as he has enriched the community by his devotion to the SHUL, he has always enriched our lives. His love, loyalty, humor, warmth and commitment to our values has made a genuine impact in our lives. Mazel tov to all the worthy honoree. Eugene & Linda Brody
Mazel Tov Leah! We are so proud of you for all the work you have done. Love, Pearl & Irvin Schonfeld


Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781