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Please join us Sunday, June 13th for a virtual gathering of fun, games and ‘kiddush-style’ Zooming at the 71st annual celebration of HIWP!
During these unprecedented times, our Gabbaiim—Leah, Gadi, Michael, & Bobby, and our Co-Presidents—Kara and Doug, have helped anchor HIWP, seeing us through it all. Their leadership, creativity and devotion are a huge reason why HIWP continues to be such a warm, vibrant and unique community.
The Zoom Gala Gala 2021 promises to be a memorable evening, so register today and don’t miss out!

The in-person part of the Gala, the "Schmooze and Cruise" will be held at TIC, in an outdoor tent in the courtyard (masks will be required). This will give us a chance to see each other, grab a goodie bag for the Zoom, participate in the raffle and of course celebrate and congratulate our honorees!
Advance sign up is required, even if you already registered for the Zoom portion of the Gala. 



Mazal Tov to the Honorees and Thank You for making our community stronger. We are very excited for the upcoming gala (big thank you to Paula and the committee!) and are thrilled that we are all hopefully one step closer to celebrating together in person soon! Diana & Liron Gitig
Thank you Gabaiim and Kara! You all got more than anyone bargained for, and you rose to every challenge. Doug and I can't thank you enough. Jerusha & Doug
To the World’s Greatest Wife and Mother, We know the sheer magnitude of work you’ve done to keep the Hebrew Institute running during the pandemic, and it is mind boggling. Your hard work has really paid off. We could not be more proud of you. Here is your ball back, please throw it again. Love, David, Eliana and Snuffy
GABBAI | `ga- bi | noun : Organizer; Pinch-hitter; Tech-support; Spokesperson; House-manager; Negotiator; Magician; Decorator; Ambassador; Greeter; Mediator; Cheerleader; Planner; Stage-crew; Set-designer; Gopher; Friend. Thank you Gadi, Michael, Bobby! Go Team Gabbai :)
To Doug and Kara, The only thing we appreciate more than your leadership over the last few years is your friendship. Thank you for everything. Leah & David
Mazel Tov and Kol hakavod, to our gabbaim, for keeping us spiritually and socially connected over this long year, with intelligence, tenacity and grace! Doug and Kara, we can’t thank you enough for leading us through this unimaginably challenging couple of years! You have approached this role with generosity, clarity and balance, and we truly appreciate your strong leadership. Today Rabbah and Yasher Koach! And, to our HIWP family, we can’t wait to be with you all “in the room where it happens”, as soon as possible! We miss you! Rena Fredman & David Lichtenstein
Mazal Tov to Doug & Kara for this well-deserved honor. Your tireless service in what has to be the worst year ever to be a shul president has been remarkable. And Mazal Tov to Michael's fellow beadles! Leah, Gadi and Bobby, your partnership has made this crazy job and this crazy year bearable and sometimes even fun. To the HIWP community - we've missed you and look forward to being back together under one roof. Michael Kellman & Idana Goldberg
Doug and Kara, thank you for leading this community through what must be one of the most remarkable and challenging periods in HIWP history! Team Gabbai, thank you for being the best HIWP pandemic-renovation gabbai team EVER! Paula and the gala committee, thank you for all of your hard work making this year's event special. Looking forward to seeing everybody soon! Jana & Gadi Romm
Mazel Tov Kara and Doug on this well deserved honor. Your devoted commitment to the shul is greatly appreciated by us all. Mazel Tov Bobby, Michael, Gadi and Leah Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Wendy, Brandon, Sarah & Noah Dunn
For Leah and David and Eliana Worenklein, You have made our family so proud with your ceaseless and effective work on so many fronts in strengthening our Jewish community and helping people in need everywhere. You are role models of Tikkun Olam. We love you so very much and are so proud. Jacob & Cindy Worenklein, Marion & Arthur Cronen
The Blessing of True Partners: No “klei kodesh” (clergy) can succeed without the partnership of quality “lay kodesh”- holy laity. Never has this been truer than this year. In eternal gratitude to the members of our selfless gabbai team Bobby, Gadi, Leah and Michael, and to our exceptional outgoing co-presidents Kara and Doug. All that we have accomplished is due to this special partnership. Rabbi Chaim & Suzie Marder
Thank you to the wonderful honorees, Leah, Gadi, Bobby, Michael, Kara and Doug, for your years of dedication to HI. We've all benefited immensely from your hard work and devotion to our community. Mazal Tov! We miss seeing all of our friends weekly and look forward to reuniting soon. Paula & Alex Flax
Mazal Tov to our amazing and resilient Gabbais! Thank you to Kara and Doug for your outstanding leadership over the past 2 years. Well done! Yasher Koach! David & Alex Kahn
Kol Hakavod to all the honorees. To Leah, Gadi, Michael, & Bobby - thank you so much for taking on the herculean and often thankless task of organizing our tefillot and ensuring that they take place (no matter where, when or how!). To our Co-Presidents Kara and Doug - thank you both for shepherding HIWP, the board and the executive committee these last two years. Your tenure has been marked by incredible growth, vibrancy and enthusiasm despite all the challenges we've faced. We could not have done any of it without your thoughtful, steady and inspiring leadership. Get some well deserved rest! And finally, a HUGE HUGE HUGE kol hakavod to Paula Flax for chairing the Zoom Gala Gala! We are so excited to be a part of the amazing event you have planned for our community as we join together to honor our deserving honorees. Talia, Marc, Daniel, Joshua, Hannah & Libby Metson
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to an Extraordinary Team for shepherding us through an extraordinary year. Audrey & Keith Reich
Jonathan & Laura Heller
You all kept us the special community we have always been during this challenging year. Thank you for the enormous time, energy and impact on so many. David & Lara Siegel.
Congratulations to the Honorees! Doris & Leo Dreyfuss
Yasher Koach to our wonderful teams of Gabaiim and Co-Presidents for your dedicated service during these unique and challenging times. Terence & Lisa Schwartz
Dena Rabinowitz & Jon Rosner
Mazal Tov and Yasher Koach to all the honorees and for all you do for the community. Kol Hakavod, David & Judy Gilberg
Mazel Tov and a giant THANK YOU to the honorees... Kara & Doug - it's one thing to volunteer to be shul presidents, and another indeed to do it during the pandevation years. We are so grateful. Bobby, Michael, Gadi & Leah - your efforts to keep us going through thick and thin, indoors and out, building or backyard have been truly inspiring, and are so appreciated. Looking forward to a year TOGETHER, in good health, and maybe even in our NEW building! Rebecca, Jonathan, Lyla, Isabel, Jolie & Orli
Mazal Tov to all the honorees on your dedication and strong commitments to our community. Rick & Jill Spitz
Mazal tov to all the wonderful leaders of our community! The Katz family Diane & Gary, Yaira, Gidi, Matan & Hava
To Kara and Doug, Thank you so much for all you did for this community during probably the strangest time of any shul presidency term. Along with Leah, Gadi, Michael, & Bobby, you all did so much work that was often invisible to the community but was incredibly important to all of us. We can't thank you enough for all the hours you spent to hold our community together. You are all an inspiration! Michelle Brody & Hal Blumenfeld
Mazal Tov to Kara and Doug, Bobby, Michael, Gadi, and Leah! Thank you for your herculean efforts this year to keep this community united and for ensuring the continuity of our davening and other programming. Thank you to Paula and her entire team for coordinating this gala in these ever-changing Covid circumstances. Looking forward to celebrating with you all. Rebecca & Marc Wolf
To our Gabbaim If it takes a nation to raise a child, it takes our Gabbaim to keep our minyanim running smoothly and efficiently. Thank you so very much for your incredible hard work, dedication and sensitivity- you are our unsung heroes! Doug and Kara, You have led our shul through the most trying of times with poise, commitment, and dedication. Today rabah! Jane & Josh Grauer
Thank you to our gabbaim: Leah, Gadi, Bobby and Michael, for seamlessly organizing our minyanum, tirelessly setting up tents and stringing lights, and guiding us spiritually whether in daily minyan, shabbat or the beautiful yom tovim that we've been able to share throughout this year. And thank you to our presidents: Kara and Doug, who have kept out community united and strong throughout construction and covid! Nicola & Jordan Rosenstock
Congratulations to all our HI Superheroes- honorees- who have done an amazing job on our behalf during these “interesting “ times. Wendy Leibowitz
Kol Hakavod to all the honorees. With our sincerest gratitude for all you do. Diane & Michael Werner
Mazel Tov to our wonderful honorees Jane and Alan Neustadter
Mazal Tov to Doug and Kara on this most deserving honor. The two of you have done an amazing job leading HI in a very challenging time. Shoshana & Bobby
Mazal Tov to the best gabbais ever Leah, Gadi and Michael. You continue to amaze me with your tireless efforts in keep all the minyanim going. I am honored to be the fourth musketeer. Bobby
Mazel tov to our incredible, shul leaders/honorees! Your tireless commitment to maintaining our spiritual connection and community is appreciated. Thank you to our HIWP family and my (Thrift shop sisters) for helping us feel and stay connected during this challenging year. Love, Deborah & Jay Weinberger
Doug and Kara This has been a difficult and complex year. You have led us and kept us connected in our new virtual world. And now we are watching our new future home being built! We thank you for all of your efforts and your creativity in keeping us a cohesive community. Bob, Michael, Gadi and Leah You created a systematic and accessible way to access services. You led the way with a commitment to safety as well as spirituality. We thank you for being the structure that has supported our special HIWP chevrah. Mazel Tov to all the Honorees! Debbie & Stephen Schwartz
Mazal Tov to Doug and Kara. You didn't plan on leading us through a pandemic, but thank G-d you did! You are both amazing. The same to Leah, Michael, Gadi, and Bob. Thank you for all you have done to keep us going. We are forever in all of your debt. Todah Rabah from the Hurvitz Family (Jean, Beth, Aviva, Denise, and Dale)
To Michael, we are so very proud of you for the the amazing work you have done for HIWP. You have set the bar high for gabbaimanship, especially this past year. Along with Idana, you are truly wonderful role models for our grandchildren. Our fervent prayer dear גבאי is that you both should have ג גבורה ב ברכה א אהבה י ידידות . Love, Mom & Dad (aka Toba & Bob Goldberg)
Congratualtions to the Hebrew Institute of White Plains community on reaching this milestone. Special blessings to our favorite Son-in-law, Gadi. He is the best! We look forward, with great anticipation, to returning to a pandemic-free, rebuilt, and renewed White Plains community. Susan & Robert Chasan
Mazal tov to our remarkable gabbaim, Leah, Bobby and Gadi, and especially our nephew, Michael, for your endless dedication. Never daunted by bad weather, COVID restrictions or cranky congregants, under your stewardship, we had the best tefillot ever! Your warmth, humor, and level-headedness prevailed. Kol Hakavod to Paula and committee on your Zoom Gala leadership. And deepest thanks to Kara and Doug for steering the HI ship so ably through the pandemic storm. May you all continue to go from strength to strength. Nancy Dallek, Jeff Pearlstein & Brenna
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees and thank you for all of your hard work to keep our community strong over the past year. To say this honor is well deserved might be the understatement of the century!! Kol Hakavod and Thank You, Rena & Jason Rosen
Mazel Tov to our co-Presidents and gabbaim. You've all done an extraordinary job guiding us through a most unusual, difficult period. Your perseverance and dedication to HIWP is greatly appreciated. Esther & Dan Steinhauer
Wow - what a year! Thank you Gabbaim for your tireless work organizing and running (and often leading) services week in and out - I am sure you will never want to see a google sheet again after this year! Thank you to Doug for being a great friend and co-president - we made a great team. Thank you to Paula and her committee for organizing this wonderful ZGG together! And thank you HIWP - this community is the best!!! Kara & Jess Olson
Mazal to Gadi and all of the honorees. Rebecca & Michael Chasan
Mazal Tov and a humongous thank you to Bobby, Doug, Gadi, Kara, Leah, and Michael! To the Presidents: we can hardly imagine how many hours you have spent these past few years allowing our community to thrive through great adversity. To the Gabbaim: We (and particularly Adina) cannot thank you enough for creating and holding the physical spaces that allow us to come together. You have done spectacularly tending our bodies and our souls. And thank you to the spouses and co-parents who helped make all of this possible! Aaron & Adina Steinberg
Blessed are the Gabbaim and the Presidents, those who reliably toil with in the needs of the community. Thank you for all that you do. Beverly Fainer & David Zimbalist  
Mazal tov Gadi and all of the honorees. Rebecca & Michael Chasan 
Mazal Tov to the Honorees. Adena Laufer & Zachary Saltzman 
In honor of our Gabbaim and Co-Presidents. Dudi & Erica Fish
Kol ha kavod to all the worthy honorees. You have worked so hard and so well during these most difficult times. Norma & Jerry Hurwitz
Congratulation to the Honorees! Willa & Hillel Swiller
Mazal tov to all of the honorees. We are so grateful for your leadership and dedication throughout all of the craziness of the past year - you have kept our shul going and brought our community together, despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. And much gratitude to Paula Beth Perel Bayla Ancelson Flax for all of your hard work in organizing this Zoom Gala Gala. You da bomb. Leah & Daniel Bendavid
Mazal tov to all of the honorees. We thank you for your dedication and commitment to our shul. Josh Chadajo & Natalie Salem
Yasher Koach to all of our honorees! Thank you for the countless hours during this unexpectedly challenging time that all of you have spent keeping us connected as a Kehillah! Thank you for your steady leadership. We look forward to seeing everyone in person soon! Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky & Neil T. Rimsky
Mazal Tov Kara, Doug, Bobby, Michael, Gadi, and Leah on this well-deserved honor. Thank you for all you do for our community! Yehudit & Noam Pollack
Doug & Kara, What a year or two this has been! Thru it all you kept a smile on your faces, kept us calm, and led us with such grace! Although you can never get back the countless hours you spent keeping our shul together, we as a community can go forward extremely grateful for what you both have done! Leah, Gadi, Michael & Bobby, you have somehow managed to master the google sign up form and along the way made sure we all had a safe, happy place to daven. Thank you for all you have done and for keeping our community together. Thank you to the gala committee - you hard work is deeply appreciated! Ellen & Dean
Thank you to the honorees for doing so much every day to keep the shul going. Batya & George
Mazal Tov to Doug, Kara, Bobby, Leah, Gadi and Michael, and our sincere thanks for working so hard to sustain the HI community over the past challenging year. Felicity & Stanley Schwartz
Kol hakvod to Kara and Doug, and to Michael, Gadi, Bobby, and Leah for all that you have done to keep our kehilah together physically, emotionally, and spiritually during difficult times - for your exceptional leadership, inspiration, and dedication. Thank you. Todd Stern & Adina Shoulson
Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us to the community! We look forward to meeting everyone in person soon! The Ross Family
What a Term! What a Team! Kara & Doug -- You had NO IDEA what you were in for, but somehow you pulled off a most “unorthodox” term with grace and competence. HIWP is stronger because of your exemplary leadership. and….What an Inspiration! Bob, Michael, Gadi & Leah -- Year after year, you have worked tirelessly, both out front and behind the scenes, on behalf of this community. We are so grateful for your efforts and we are inspired by the example that you set for our children. Kol hakavod and mazal tov to ALL of this year's incredibly worthy honorees! Lisa Kahn Kriegel & David Kriegel Nili, Jack & Maya
A big Mazal tov to Kara, Doug, Leah, Michael, Bobby, and Gadi! We so appreciate all of your hard work during this incredibly challenging year. Your dedication and commitment to the community and to keeping the minyanim going was herculean and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all that you have done! Arielle & Yehuda Cohen
Mazal tov to all those being honored, and thank you for your dedicated work on behalf HIWP. Gavy Posner & Sara Labaton
To our Super Six, Kara, Doug, Gadi, Leah, Michael, and Bobby, You rose to the challenge, Keeping it all together in multiple places and spaces! Here is to your continued strength and support of our community. Looking forward to celebrating in person in our new space! Debbie, Dan, Josh, Aviva, & Rachel Lehman
Thank you to our Gabbaim, Leah, Michael, Bobby and Gadi, and our Co-Presidents, Kara and Doug, for the incredible amount of work you did to keep our community thriving during these unprecedented times. The Brasch Family 
Congratulations to HIWP for the extraordinary efforts they have made to maintain their shul and community through these difficult times. Especial congratulations to the Gabbaim and our son Michael for their work and ingenuity. Ira & Rona Kellman
We are thankful to have been welcomed so warmly by the entire HIWP community during our 1st year in the neighborhood, and we look forward to calling the new building "home" for years to come! Harry & Avigayil Askenazi
Mazel Tov and Kol hakavod, to our dedicated and steadfast and warm-hearted gabbaim, for keeping our services going through rain, sleet, snow and pandemic over this long year. Doug and Kara, thank you for not bailing when you realized this would not be the job you signed on for! You have maintained your sense of humor all while dealing with a most difficult situation. Yasher Koach! Looking forward to being together again as a community, soon. Debbie & Marc Guthartz
Mazel tov Michael! Thank you for your inspiring leadership in these challenging times. Much love, the Dubler-Furmans
Mazel Tov to Michael and all of the honorees! Thank you so much for incredible commitment to community. With much love and admiration from the Alperovich-Simons
Thank you to the best community! Mazal tov and kol hakavod to all the honorees for your deep commitment, drive and action, especially in this pandemic year. You have really kept our hearts and spirits going. So many thanks! Liz & Yuval Marcus
Mazel tov and yasher koach to all of the deserving honorees! Your incredible hard work and dedication to our shul and membership has been vital in helping to keep our community strong! Thank you for all you do! Talia & Matt Crystal
Mazal tov and endless gratitude to all of the amazing honorees! You have made monumental contributions to our shul and have kept us connected this year. Jaclyn & Greg Tyng
Thank you Doug, Kara and all of our Gabbaiim for your incredibly hard work! Mazal tov on this well-deserved honor. Aliza Boim & Dovid Wildman
Mazal tov to all of the honorees! Thank you for everything you've done to keep our shul vibrant during this crazy past year. We look forward to celebrating with you! Daniela & Jeremy Lehmann
Mazal tov to all of the honorees! With special gratitude from Pamela to Gabbaim Bobby, Leah, Gadi and Michael for your welcome, help and incredible efforts over the last year. Pamela Ryan & Sam Calabrese
Mazal Tov to all the honorees for keeping the community going during the past year. A special thank you to the Gabbaim for arranging services in the unlikeliest of places - whether in backyards, front yards, playgrounds, or parking lots - which greatly supported me during my year of Kaddish. Gerson Smith
Mazal Tov to Honorees, Rabbi and Suzie Marder, and Board, You have led us this year with tireless dedication, strength, perseverance, and most of all, love. Thank you for all that you for us and the community at large. Love, The Rose Family
Mazel tov to all the Gabbaim who have worked so hard to keep our community afloat in these challenging times! Your efforts are immensely appreciated and you are all so highly cherished and loved by all. Many thanks too to Kara and Doug for your tireless efforts during your co-presidency! Yasher Koach to you all! Eric & Roxanne Levine
Mazal tov to all the honorees. Thank you for your dedication and leadership to our community. Kol HaKavod on this much deserved honor. Tiffany & Michael Weintraub
Mazal Tov to all the honorees for your devotion and meaningful and impactful service to the shul, especially during the challenges of the past year! Leah - You are an inspiration both within and beyond your community. You literally bring people together and give so much of yourself so that the lives and spiritual connections of others may be enhanced. You are a living testament to Abba’s legacy as you chart your own path for the benefit of all. We are so proud of you. Kol HaKavod…and Happy Special Birthday!!! Mom, Aryeh, Alison, Max, Brandon, Tyler, Ori, Naomi, Lila, Nava, and Ayal
MAZEL TOV to the honorees from the Ceplers
Mazal Tov to our honorees who have worked tirelessly to safeguard our community and to ensure that it continues to thrive. Tami and Joey Stalbow
Mazal tov and endless thanks to this years honorees, Leah, Bobby, Gadi, Michael, Kara and Doug! You have all put in amazing effort and dedication over the past year+ and we are so grateful for all you've done to keep us feeling like a community. Shout out to Paula Flax for organizing this years fabulous virtual and in person Zoom Gala Gala- you're a hero! Can't wait to celebrate! Alana & Ariel Baruch 
Kay & Arnold Cohen 
Mazel tov to all our honorees! Thank you all so much for your truly tireless efforts on behalf of the shul. And to the broader HIWP community, I just want to say that I can't wait until we can all be together in person again! Shira Goldman
Mazal Tov to Leah, Michael, Gadi, Bobby, Kara and Doug, for all you have done to get us through the past year (and all you did for years before that)! Your collective dedication to HI and to "keeping us together" is a true inspiration to the entire community. We can't wait to celebrate you all at the Zoom Gala Gala! Brooke & Yossi Pollak
You guys definitely go more then you bargained for this year! Thank you so much for your creativity, compassion, humor and perseverance in leading us through these tumultuous times! Yasher Koach! Gerry Angel, Barabara & Martin Marks, Sari Wacks & Nathan Rosenblatt
We are BOB BRODY's parents. Just as he has enriched the community by his devotion to the SHUL, he has always enriched our lives. His love, loyalty, humor, warmth and commitment to our values has made a genuine impact in our lives. Mazel tov to all the worthy honoree. Eugene & Linda Brody
Robert Harrigan
Mazel tov to all the honorees - your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated! Hillel Greene & Rachel Federman
This has been an extraordinary year for our community. In addition to being in between sanctuaries, we also had to navigate a pandemic. An enormous thank you goes to the professional and volunteer leaders that have kept this community together. We cannot wait to be back in person davening and celebrating with each of you! Adina Frydman & Avi Orlow
To the Honorees. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Ruth Levine
Mazal Tov to the Honorees! Thank You for your Service. Gail & Daniel Kabakoff
Michael, When it comes to gabbaut, you ARE my role model. Josh Goldberg
Thanks to Kara & Doug for their extraordinary leadership the last 2 years! Thanks to Leah, Gadi, Michael and Bobby for keeping the davening going during this difficult year! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to getting back to together in our new building. Love Suzy Toporovsky

Mazal Tov and Thank You to All the Honorees for All Your Accomplishments. Leah Weitzman

Mazal tov to our very special honorees . The work you do for our Shul is very much appreciated. This past year has been challenging, All of you were shining lights for us. Looking forward to a new HIWP era. Audrey & Alan Schulman
Mazal tov to the well-deserving honorees! We are so appreciative of all you do for our community. The Gottliebs
Thank you so very much Bobby, Michael, Leah and Gadi for being so thoughtful, caring and devoted to our family and community during this year that brought so many challenges. Your care for everyone's safety while ensuring that our tefillot were able to not only continue but thrive, have been the essence of what makes this kehillah so very special. And thank you so much Doug and Kara for your dedication and the endless hours of thoughtful work and responsibility you have given in carrying us all forward. We are lucky to have had you all at the helm this year! Yael Slonim & Jack Nahmod
Congratulations to All of the Honorees. Betty & Joe Fisch
Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year and every year! Rose Weinstein
Mazel Tov to all the deserving honorees! Bobby- You are such an inspiration with your devoted service, positive outlook and of course great sense of humor. May you go from strength to strength! Debra & Randy Apfelbaum
Mazal Tov Kara, Doug, Bobby, Michael, Gadi, and Leah on this well-deserved honor. Your dedication and commitment to the community is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all that you do! Seth Braunstein & Jamie Vichinsky
Gadi is more than a gabbai to us. He is: --a wonderful and devoted son --the archetype of the good Jewish husband --a father and a teacher of his sons in both Torah and mada, with exceptional results --a person who also gives of himself to the life of his community We couldn't be more proud of him. We love him profoundly. Rabbi J. Leonard & Diane Romm
Mazal tov to Kara, Bobby, Gadi, Doug, Leah, and Michael. Thank you for your hard work. Adina & Ari Shrage and Family
Ilana & Isaac Wagner
Leadership done right! Thank you ALL, for everything you do for our community! Sincerely with a future hug, Lisa & Mick Gilbert
Thank you for all of your hard work this past year and all the other years keeping our community together. Jessica & Jeremy Rosenblum
Mazal tov to all of the honorees. Thank you for all that you do to make our community thrive during an unprecedented time. Your dedication and leadership is inspirational. Yasher Koach! Jesse & Ariella Melman
Congratulations to the Honorees We are almost there! Marilyn & Ezra Berkowitz
Mazal tov to all the dedicated honorees for your commitment and hard work through COVID. May you each go from strength to strength! Best Regards, Carmella, Steve, Rani, Rafael & Keren Kubersky
Thank you Kara, Doug, Bobby, Leah, Gadi, and Michael for the remarkable job of holding the shul together, here or there, inside or outside, keeping everyone happy— and most importantly, feeling connected. Anita Rosenstock 
To our honorees on this special day. We are very grateful for the work that you all put in to keep our Shul alive and our members connected. Thank you, David & Doreen Cohen 
Thank you Doug, Kara, Bobby, Leah, Gadi, and Michael for your great work on behalf of our Shul. Mazaltov. Mark & Briana Schwartz 
Mazel Tov Michael on this well deserved honor. Being Gabbai during “normal” times, is a huge commitment and hard work. Being Gabbai during Corona required herculean effort and an abundance of creativity. And we know that you did it with a smile! You should continue to work בצרכי ציבור for many many years and set this wonderful example for all those around you. Love, Rachel & Menachem, Chani & Mendy, Shlomo & Aliza and Shayna & Shua 
Mazal tov to ALL the amazing honorees. Mimi Zohar 
Mazal Tov to all the honorees! Thanks for your hard work! Debbie, Serge, Eytan & Eliana Fein
Mazel Tov Leah! We are so proud of you for all the work you have done. Love, Pearl & Irvin Schonfeld
Congratulations to Bob Brody. Linda Grossman
To Bob Brody and the other incredible honorees: We love you! But we love Bob the most. And Gadi Romm the 2nd. So proud and excited for all of you. To many more incredible achievements together! Jonathan & Ariana Silverman
Mazal Tov to Bobby Brody who gives so readily to so many. Sending much love to him, and congratulations to all the honourees. Erica S. Goldman-Brodie & Rabbi Joseph Brodie
Mazal Tov to Bob Brody on being honored for by HIWP. I am so lucky to have a brother who is such a great role model in every way and I am so proud of you. Love, Zumi
Our Gabaiim go above and beyond the ordinary. Eleanor Ehrenkranz
Mazel tov to Doug and the other honorees for their service during this challenging year! Jeff & Sheryl Hirshon
Thank you to all the honorees. Heda Silverstein
Mazal tov to the honorees! Teddy Ganzarski
Michael -- your service and dedication to the community is a personal model to us and your nephews, whether during normal times or the far less normal times of the last year, you epitomize the full faith with which you meet the needs of your community. Plus you make some amazing grilled cheese! Love, Rina and Ben (and Amitai, Akiva, and Matan)
Thank you to all of the incredible people who have worked so hard to keep our community going this year. You are admired and appreciated. The Ehrenhaus family
Mazel Tov Doug on completing your long tenure as a leader of this great community! The congregation is so much richer for having you at the helm :-)  Gideon Coltof
Mazel Tov to all, and a special hug to a special daughter. You cannot believe how proud of you we are! Love, Mom & Dad (Carl and Susan Wulfestieg)
To The Gang of Six, Your job description lied! You definitely got more than you bargained for. As if working without a building was not enough, the pandemic was the icing on the cake. Your creativity and perseverance enabled you to meet and surpass all challenges. As a result of your dedication HIWP continues to be alive and doing very very well. Yasher koach! Edie & Artie Hirshon
Mazal Tov to Doug Hershon, Leah Worenklein and all the 2021 honorees. Risa and Levi Kahane 
To our nephew, Bobby Brody, the Super Gabbai and Super Mensch. Great to see you appreciated. Lots of love to you and Shoshana from Uncle Avi & Aunt Shuli 
Meira & Paul Orentlicher 


Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781