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Heading Into the Home Stretch

11/03/2021 08:21:56 PM


It has been a while, and a lot has happened. We’re heading into the home stretch!

The exterior insulated finishing system has been completed, and the windows in the sanctuary have been installed. A lot of work is still in progress: the framing of the Rutherford entry vestibule, the tile installation in the kitchen and upstairs powder rooms, and the installation of the kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures are all ongoing. In the sanctuary, the framing and installation of the sheetrock and mechanical systems is proceeding, while the upper lobby mechanical and ceiling framing is almost done and the ceiling is ready to be closed up.

In addition to working on all of that, in the next two weeks they plan to begin the storefront installation at the lower level, to start tiling the bathrooms in the lower level, and to frame the sanctuary perimeter risers.

Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782