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Columns, Metal Decking, Interior Framing, and More...

03/19/2021 01:55:50 PM


At this point, installation of steel columns, beams, and metal decking is in progress and the workers are completing the installation of the Cordova stone and the precast stone sills at the base of the new addition; you can see it in these photos. HVAC equipment installation is ongoing, and the boiler room piping and flue installation is proceeding apace. Rough plumbing is in progress, and they are working on the interior framing at the existing lower and upper levels.

In the next two weeks they will continue to install the mechanical ducts, sprinklers, and electrical. They’ll keep working on the bar joints, metal decking, and loose lintels, and patch masonry as required. The finishes and furniture for the interior of the sanctuary are being reviewed and discussed.

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Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782