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Concrete Foundation Walls and Below Grade Waterproofing

01/21/2021 09:18:23 PM


Lots of work is ongoing: the installation of the concrete foundation walls and below grade waterproofing at the new addition continues, as does storm water and underground plumbing. But new things are being started as well; the Rutherford stair and landing has been removed, and new metal stud framing and mechanical ductwork installation at the existing building has begun. Kitchen equipment, exterior stucco finish, guard glass samples, and sprinkler proposals have all been submitted to the architects and the HI renovation committee for review.

In the next two weeks, the workers plan to prep and pour the lower-level slab for the new addition, install footing drains and backfill for the new addition, and continue the concrete blocking, stud framing and ductwork installation at the existing building. Selections are continuing for carpet, wall and floor tile, and other finishes.

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