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Concrete Piers and Foundation Walls

12/29/2020 12:52:43 PM


Well, it’s been awhile since the last post, but don’t worry, progress has been made! As you can see, the whole wing parallel to Rutherford Avenue—the one containing the offices, coat room, and small social hall—is gone. Installation of concrete piers and foundation walls at the new addition is proceeding apace, along with underground trenching for stormwater and sanitary lines. Storefront frames, metal panels, general lighting, and ductwork have all been submitted for review. In the next couple of weeks, the existing foundation will be underpinned to prepare for the insertion of an elevator and Cordova stone will be put in at the exterior of the new addition. And it is just about time for one of the most important developments of all: choosing carpets, tiles, and light fixtures.

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