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Breaking Ground!

09/22/2020 05:20:14 PM


Welcome to the first installment of the HIWP Rebuild blog, documenting the progress on our new building. Many thanks to Diana Gitig who will regularly be writing these updates!

After all of the planning, praying, fundraising, and replanning, our building project is now finally underway! From now on we will post regular progress updates, complete with pictures, here so you will all know what is happening as it happens.

Earlier this month, our contractor (DHI Construction) started mobilization, preparing the site for the arrival of equipment and materials and the start of construction. If you go by (wear a mask!) you will see that the construction fence is up and there are erosion and soil control measures in place (the black filter fabric fencing).

This week, anything that might interfere with the new building, like trees and other landscaping features or low walls, is being removed from the site. Later this month the selective demolition of the building areas that will be removed will begin.

An enormous thank you to Kara Olson, Doug Hirshon, Rabbi Marder, and Todd Stern, and all of the many people on all of the many committees he coordinates.

The ReBuild Team with the architects (Peter Grisolfi Associates) and builder (DHI) on their weekly project meeting.
Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782