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Footings, Formwork, and Framing

11/24/2020 08:31:21 PM


Interior and exterior demolition of the building and disconnection of existing systems continue while excavation for new footings and formwork at the new addition has started. Interior framing at the existing lower and upper levels of the building is proceeding, as are the submittals for review including structural steel and masonry reinforcement. In the next couple of weeks, demolition of the outside stair and landing on the Rutherford side...Read more...

Foundation Removal Underway

11/02/2020 04:32:32 PM


The demolition of the south-west building is done and removal of the existing foundation is in progress, as you can see in the photos to the right. Asbestos removal is also complete. Interior demolition, shoring up of the structure, and disconnection of the existing systems continue. Submittals for review are proceeding, including those for mechanical rooftop units & ductwork, the walk-in refrigerator, and exterior finishes. In the next...Read more...

Mechanical & Electrical: Disconnection Continues

10/20/2020 09:49:26 AM


This week general demolition and the disconnection of existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure continues. Final asbestos abatement is proceeding since ceilings and some interior walls have been demolished; it should wrap up soon. The workers have started the temporary shoring up of the exterior walls, and the contractor has submitted plumbing fixtures and stone samples to the architects and the HI...Read more...

Ongoing Demolition: Heavy Equipment Arrives

10/08/2020 08:21:32 AM


This week the remaining perimeter fence was installed and some more heavy equipment arrived, including an excavator. Electrical and fire alarm disconnects are ongoing, as is interior demolition. Never fear: the doors of the Aron were rescued and are being stored in a safe place. The steel trusses of the original building structure are now visible, which is pretty exciting. And the contractors are preparing for the next step, which...Read more...

Breaking Ground!

09/22/2020 05:20:14 PM


Welcome to the first installment of the HIWP Rebuild blog, documenting the progress on our new building. Many thanks to Diana Gitig who will regularly be writing these updates!

After all of the planning, praying, fundraising, and replanning, our building project is now finally underway! From now on we will post regular progress updates, complete with pictures, here so you...Read more...

Wed, December 2 2020 16 Kislev 5781