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Elevator, Electrical, and Exterior

03/01/2022 05:00:04 PM


We continue to make good progress, and currently hope to return to the building by May—we’re getting there! The fixed seats have been installed in the sanctuary and the movable seats have been delivered and on site. Storefront windows have been installed throughout. The exterior entry canopies are going up, and the workers are finishing the exterior concrete pavement. They’re working on the elevator, electrical system, and alarm...Read more...

Light at the End of the Tunnel

01/03/2022 02:53:34 PM


The sanctuary seating risers have been installed! The sanctuary wood wainscoting and fin tube radiator enclosures have been installed! Bathroom partitions and tile is in! It seems like this is almost, maybe, starting to kind of approach the home stretch.

Lots of other progress is ongoing. The final windows are being installed, the Rutherford entrance is taking shape and concrete exterior retaining walls,...Read more...

Heading Into the Home Stretch

11/03/2021 08:21:56 PM


It has been a while, and a lot has happened. We’re heading into the home stretch!

The exterior insulated finishing system has been completed, and the windows in the sanctuary have been installed. A lot of work is still in progress: the framing of the Rutherford entry vestibule, the tile installation in the kitchen and upstairs powder rooms, and the installation of the kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures are all ongoing. In the...Read more...

Dramatic Interior and Exterior Progress

08/27/2021 03:04:05 PM


If you have not walked or driven by our shul lately, it is definitely worth your while! There has been some pretty dramatic progress.

The exterior finish of the sanctuary has been completed, while adjacent areas are moving forward as well. The sanctuary windows are almost all in, the lobby stair frame and railings have all been installed, and the spray foam insulation has been completed.

Drywall is still being installed, and...

Virtual Walk-through!

07/28/2021 01:25:19 PM


Sanctuary’s Steel Framing, Sheathing, and Roofing Installed

07/06/2021 07:19:01 PM


As of this week, the steel framing, sheathing, and roofing for the new sanctuary have been installed and the new roofing for the lobby has been completed. Classroom and office windows and door frames have been installed, and the exterior concrete walls and foundations for the stairs and ramp at the Rutherford entrance—what will be the main entrance—are in place. Mechanical rooftop units have been installed and...Read more...

Exterior Steel Framing & Sanctuary Roof Structure

06/02/2021 09:41:02 AM


If you’ve walked or driven by the shul lately--and if you haven’t, you definitely should-- you probably noticed some pretty dramatic changes. New heavy gauge exterior steel framing at the new addition and lower level is in progress. The new sanctuary roof structure has been installed; it is just waiting for its roofing finish. Inside, rough plumbing and electrical work continue and interior framing is ongoing....Read more...

Joists, Steel Supports, and Underpinning Continue

04/28/2021 01:58:16 PM


A lot has happened since our last update. The structural steel, roof deck and new floor slab at the sanctuary addition have all been installed, as have the Cordova stone veneer and stone base. The new boiler room equipment has been installed and the new generator is on site. In the existing building, joists, steel supports and underpinning continue, and the wall framing and door frame installation are proceeding....Read more...

Columns, Metal Decking, Interior Framing, and More...

03/19/2021 01:55:50 PM


At this point, installation of steel columns, beams, and metal decking is in progress and the workers are completing the installation of the Cordova stone and the precast stone sills at the base of the new addition; you can see it in these photos. HVAC equipment installation is ongoing, and the boiler room piping and flue installation is proceeding apace. Rough plumbing is in progress, and they are working on the...Read more...

Concrete Foundation Walls and Below Grade Waterproofing

01/21/2021 09:18:23 PM


Lots of work is ongoing: the installation of the concrete foundation walls and below grade waterproofing at the new addition continues, as does storm water and underground plumbing. But new things are being started as well; the Rutherford stair and landing has been removed, and new metal stud framing and mechanical ductwork installation at the existing building has begun. Kitchen equipment, exterior stucco finish,...Read more...

Concrete Piers and Foundation Walls

12/29/2020 12:52:43 PM


Well, it’s been awhile since the last post, but don’t worry, progress has been made! As you can see, the whole wing parallel to Rutherford Avenue—the one containing the offices, coat room, and small social hall—is gone. Installation of concrete piers and foundation walls at the new addition is proceeding apace, along with underground trenching for stormwater and sanitary lines. Storefront frames, metal panels, general lighting, and...Read more...

Footings, Formwork, and Framing

11/24/2020 08:31:21 PM


Interior and exterior demolition of the building and disconnection of existing systems continue while excavation for new footings and formwork at the new addition has started. Interior framing at the existing lower and upper levels of the building is proceeding, as are the submittals for review including structural steel and masonry reinforcement. In the next couple of weeks, demolition of the outside stair and landing on the Rutherford side...Read more...

Foundation Removal Underway

11/02/2020 04:32:32 PM


The demolition of the south-west building is done and removal of the existing foundation is in progress, as you can see in the photos to the right. Asbestos removal is also complete. Interior demolition, shoring up of the structure, and disconnection of the existing systems continue. Submittals for review are proceeding, including those for mechanical rooftop units & ductwork, the walk-in refrigerator, and exterior finishes. In the next...Read more...

Mechanical & Electrical: Disconnection Continues

10/20/2020 09:49:26 AM


This week general demolition and the disconnection of existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure continues. Final asbestos abatement is proceeding since ceilings and some interior walls have been demolished; it should wrap up soon. The workers have started the temporary shoring up of the exterior walls, and the contractor has submitted plumbing fixtures and stone samples to the architects and the HI...Read more...

Ongoing Demolition: Heavy Equipment Arrives

10/08/2020 08:21:32 AM


This week the remaining perimeter fence was installed and some more heavy equipment arrived, including an excavator. Electrical and fire alarm disconnects are ongoing, as is interior demolition. Never fear: the doors of the Aron were rescued and are being stored in a safe place. The steel trusses of the original building structure are now visible, which is pretty exciting. And the contractors are preparing for the next step, which...Read more...

Breaking Ground!

09/22/2020 05:20:14 PM


Welcome to the first installment of the HIWP Rebuild blog, documenting the progress on our new building. Many thanks to Diana Gitig who will regularly be writing these updates!

After all of the planning, praying, fundraising, and replanning, our building project is now finally underway! From now on we will post regular progress updates, complete with pictures, here so you...Read more...

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