Serving Others

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Chesed/Social Justice
Israel Action


Chessed Within our Community
We look out for one another. We do this as a community and family. And we do this as children of Avraham and Sarah, the models of caring. Our tradition tells us that this is the sign of being Jewish.
• Members of the community help provide meals to new moms.
• A shiva committee helps oversee the needs of our members at the time of a loss.
• We help arrange for some of our elderly members to have friendly home visitors, and some of our congregants shop for those who need that help as well.
• The rabbi maintains a special chessed fund to help assist members who have fallen into financial hardship.
• We assist our congregants as other needs arise.

Chessed and social justice beyond our walls
• We host people who have family in one of our local hospitals.
• We have a loving bikkur cholim group who visit the sick at White Plains Hospital.
• There is a Westchester-wide chevra kaddisha, and a number of congregants participate in its holy work.
• Our youth participate in a seasonal “Project Embrace” program, bringing warm food and clothes to the homeless.
• We sponsor an annual blood drive for the White Plains Hospital
• We encourage our members to frequent establishments who have received the tav hayosher, identifying that they treat their workers as the law requires. Uri L’Tzedek

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