Thoughtful Jewish Living

When we say “thoughtful,” we mean thinking and caring. We aim for both.

At a time when in many Orthodox circles people seem to be discouraged from doing so, we assert that an observant Jew is meant to think.  Think about why we do what we do. Think about the real challenges of living in modernity while committed to Torah, written and oral.  Think about the impact of ideas, norms, and Jewish principles on who we are—and how who we – might impact on those as well.  Think and rethink the what, how and why of our lives.  Our rabbi invests much of his teaching and speaking to encouraging this, and we oblige him. This approach has drawn many people to our congregation.

And we are a caring community. We look after one another, young and old. We care and support Jews beyond our borders too.  There’s a heimish feel to the congregation, and we like it that way.