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Thank you for helping make our "Zoom Gala Gala" such a success!
We shared a wonderful celebration of our community's special bonds, even during this time of physical separation.
You can still participate and support the shul through this event. Click here to sponsor!



These past months have been a window into the heart and soul of this wonderful community! Thank you Doug and Kara for shepherding us through these challenging times. Thank you Rabbi Marder and Suzie for continuing to nurture our spirits and minds. Thank you Teri, Crystal and Herber for staffing the ship, even from afar. Thank you Rebuild Committee for never dropping the ball. And thank you volunteer members for stepping up to care of each other and for our larger Westchester community. You are all an inspiration and we miss you! Rena Fredman and David Lichtenstein
We are excited to celebrate together in a few weeks, and to enjoy being back together as a community. Whether in person or virtually, our special times together are a wonderful part of life. Yasher Koach to...everyone! Diana and Liron Gitig
Thank you to the HIWP community for all that you do. Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy and looking forward to celebrating with you all. Wendy and Brandon Dunn
Steven and Malka Helft
Diane and Michael Werner
To our HIWP family - thank you for giving a place to call home even while we're stuck in ours! We love you! Talia, Marc, Daniel, Joshua, Hannah and Libby Metson
Thank you Rabbi Marder and Susie; Teri, Crystal, Herber, and all the committees and volunteers for all the work you are doing to keep our hearts warm and spirits high. Wishing we can celebrate HI together in person soon. Wendy Leibowitz
Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
Let's hear it for HIWP!!! We are strong and connected. The Kahn family sends love to everyone. One day we will be together again in person. Until then, you are all in our hearts. Love, Alex, David, Eli, Joey and Tzipi Kahn
We are so proud of our HIWP Community for all the ways we've stayed together and strong during this challenging time. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make that happen. We anxiously await being back together in person!! Rebecca Amaru, Jonathan Waitman, Lyla, Isabel, Jolie and Orli
We thank everyone for their perseverance, hard work, and creativity in ensuring that the HIWP community stays active at this time. We feel blessed to be a part of such a thoughtful, tight-nit community. May we all continue to go from strength to strength. Leah, Daniel, Orly, Tamar, and Gilad Bendavid
Wishing the entire HI community a safe, healthy, inspiring, joyous and fully Blessed year. Jill and Rick Spitz

Jean, Denise, Beth and Aviva Hurvitz
Audrey and Keith Reich
Mazel Tov! David and Judy Gilberg
Wishing everyone in our community health and happiness during this difficult time! Dena Rabinowitz and Jon Rosner
Nicola and Jordan Rosenstock
Josh and Jane Grauer
"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." Thanks HI family! Together we will meet and dance on the other side of this pandemic, stronger, more resilient and with an (even) better sense of humor! We love you all! THANK YOU TO THE DINNER COMMITTEE FOR YOUR INGENUITY AND PERSEVERANCE TO KEEP OUR GALA ALIVE, ALL OF US TOGETHER AND UNITED! Love, Deborah, Jay, Liana, Sam and Oriyan
Jane and Alan Neustadter
We are the greatest community ever! We miss you all....stay safe and healthy. Love, Debbie and Stephen Schwartz ​​​​​
Joanna and Robert Blum
Hi everyone. We really miss seeing you at shul every week. We hope you are well, or almost there. Looking forward to the Zoom Gala Gala! Dahna and Steven Stadtmauer
Mazel Tov to this wonderful community! So many fantastic things are happening despite us not being able to come together in person as we normally would. Thank you to the Rabbi, the office staff, the Officers and Directors, and all of the volunteers who make this happen. Adina and Aaron Steinberg
Looking forward to when we can all be back together in 3D! Michelle Brody and Hal Blumenfeld
HIWP - We miss you and hope to see you all in person soon. Stay safe! Love, Tiffany, Michael, Sam and Shoshana Weintraub
We miss seeing you all and look forward to being together again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Please reach out and stay connected during this crazy time. Deborah and Marc Guthartz
During these difficult times, we feel so blessed to be surrounded by our friends and community in White Plains. Though social distancing has been hard, we have truly felt the love of HIWP and feel so connected to our larger community. We miss you all! Arielle and Yehuda Cohen
Thank you to all those who have stepped up to keep our community connected in these difficult times. We're missing seeing all of the familiar faces and we look forward to being able to gather together again soon. With love, Michael and Idana, Noam, Shai and Mali
Mazal tov to our honoree, the ZG3. And thank you to our tireless volunteers and lay leadership, who's extraordinary leadership, dedication, creativity, and commitment have held us together during these unusual and difficult times. Thank you, and Kol Hakavod. Todd Stern and Adina Shoulson
George and Batya Puro
We are deeply grateful to the superlative HIWP volunteers and staff, whose hard work and dedication sustains us -- now and always. Kol HaKavod & Todah Rabah! Lisa Kahn Kriegel & David Kriegel Nili, Jack, & Maya
We may have only lived here for eight months so far, with two of those under quarantine/social distancing, but we can honestly say this community rocks and we’re so glad to be a part of it! David Wildman and Aliza Boim
We miss seeing everyone and look forward to when we can all daven together again! Stay healthy! Marilyn and Neil
Thanks to everyone's hard work for keeping us all together during these crazy times. Looking forward to "Zooming" with HI at the Gala and to seeing everyone in person real soon! Jana, Gadi, Beni, Ilan and Ori Romm
WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! Love, The Worenklein Family
Thanks and kol hakavod to the ZGG organizers for this mammoth undertaking during these times. We’re grateful to be part of this community. Felicity and Stanley Schwartz
Sending love to the entire HIWP community and best wishes for good health and continued strength!! Rena, Jason, Benjamin, Charlie and Natalie Rosen
This is a lot of fun and it doesn't break my diet! Judy and Judah Roher
We love the HIWP and are proud to be part of such an amazing community. May we get though together and stronger! Justin Brasch and Juli Smith Brasch
Tali and Alex Aronoff
Missing you all so much! Praying this new reality leads to a better, warmer, more just world. Mimi Zohar
Marc and Rebecca Wolf
HIWP - We miss you and love you all.  We cannot wait to see you in person again soon.  Stay safe!  Love, Yossi, Brooke, Nava and Avital Pollak
"We are Standing Together by Staying Apart" Tom Roach. Jerusha Coltof and Doug Hirshon
Best wishes to the entire HIWP community Liz and Wolff Sommer and Ben Pasternack
HIWP- thank you for all that you do. Mazal tov to everyone working to make this happen. Looking forward to being together in person soon. Ariella, Jesse, Ella and Lilly Melman
We feel blessed to have found the HIWP for our family and look forward to many happy years as part of the community. Avigayil Askenazi and Harry Askenazi
Zachary Saltzman Adena Laufer
Mazel tov and kol hakavod to such a warm and caring community! Seren and Craig Cepler 
Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep us all together while we stay apart! A big shout out to the Zoom Gala Gala committee - you are all amazing! With Much Gratitude, Ellen & Dean, Zach, Jacob & Matthew Ungar
Thanks HIWP! We are so happy to be a part of this great community, even more now than before! We miss everyone! Kara, Jess, Toby and Beruria Olson
This is an awesome community, made up of wonderful, giving and caring people, What a privilege to serve you and to be part of it. Suzie and Rabbi Chaim Marder
Wishing everyone health and happiness! Eric and Roxanne Levine
We are so appreciative of the strength of our community and the constant support it has provided through these difficult times. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to maintaining and protecting this strong foundation. We can't wait to see you all in person soon! With much gratitude, Matt, Talia, Naomi and Jonah Crystal
Terence & Lisa Schwartz
We are all very blessed to be part of such a thoughtful and caring community! A community that supports in good times and really shows its strength in times of need. May it go from strength to strength! Marina and Marik Feldman
We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful shul community. Arthur and Edith Hirshon
Circumstances like now make us realize how much we depend emotionally on each other. But this too shall pass, and we look forward to the time when we can be together, again both spiritually and physically. Thanks for all your kindness, inspiration and resilience! Kol Hakavot!! Silvia and Nathan Drenger
Jeff Pearlstein and Nancy Dallek
Greg and Jaclyn Tyng
This is a wonderful community to be part of! Looking forward to joining together again soon in person. Seth, Jamie, Lital, Matan and Erez
Debbie and Dan Lehman
Ilana Rosman and Isaac Wagner
Jessica Ressler and Shlomo Ressler
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Paula Flax and Alex Flax
We are looking forward to seeing everyone in person real soon. ​​​Paul and Meira Orentlicher
We love the HIWP community so much and hope to see everyone in-person soon! Daniela and Jeremy Lehmann
Yehudit and Noam Pollack
Mordy Sapper and Rose Weinstein
Gerson Smith
We miss seeing your faces so much! Wishing you all safety, health and lots of laughter! Lots of love, Rhonda and Gerard Rose
Norma and Jerry Hurwitz
Mazal Tov to HIWP! Kenny and Lisa Birnbaum
We are so indebted to our amazing HIWP family!! We miss you but are excited to celebrate together. Liz and Yuval Marcus
Thank you HIWP for everything you are in our lives and for all that you are doing to keep us all connected! Jack, Yael, Mordi, Betzalel and Aviva
Thank you to everyone on the leadership team for keeping our community connected at this important and challenging time - thank you for leading our community even while you juggle your personal challenges. We cannot wait to see everyone in person and to once again be spiritually connected. Adina, Avi, Yadid, Yishama, Emunah, Libi Frydman-Orlow
Thank you for helping to support the community during these social distancing times! Looking forward to being together soon. Jessica Rosenblum
Thank you to everyone at HIWP who has had a part in keeping the community strong and connected these past few months. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! Alana and Ariel Baruch
Please stay healthy, everyone! Gail Kabakoff and Daniel Kabakoff
One day at a time and before you know it, we'll be back together! Well sort of with HI North and South. We are one HI family! Bob Brody Shoshana Peyser
We congratulate everyone who worked to put this together. A special hug to alll the honorees who were scheduled. As a group, we know that this will be a special event, no matter what we are enduring now. AUDREY AND ALAN
Best Wishes for the future and Kol Hakavod to all for your thoughtfulness. Leah Weitzman
Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our hardworking & caring HIWP friends and supporters who have been wonderful during this difficult & trying period. Betty and Joe Fisch
Elana and David Steltzer
Willa and Hillel Swiller
We are looking forward to the day when young and old can be reunited in our rededicated home after so many trials and tribulations. Kay and Arnold Cohen
Ezra and Marilyn Berkowitz
Bubbie and Grandpa take a Zoom sip with all the Metsons, Marc, Talia, Daniel, Josh, Hannah and Libby. Adria and Phil Metson
Joshua Chadajo and Natalie Salem
Mazel tov! Thank you for welcoming us to this community with open arms, generosity, and warmth. Sara Labaton Gavy Posner
We miss everyone - looking forward to being together again soon. Marcy and Daniel Cohen ​​​​​​​
I feel blessed to be a part of such a loving, supportive, energetic community! Even during this challenging time, people have been giving generously of their time to help others, lead classes and services, plan for our shul’s future, and keep our members connected. I look forward to a time when we can be together in person again, but in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy our gatherings in virtual space! Love, Shira Goldman
Thank you, HI community and Rabbi Marder, for being so warm and welcoming to us during our visits to White Plains for Shabbes. We hope all are well, and we miss davening with you! Miryam Kabakov and Mara Benjamin
Thank you Judy Grant for all of the effort you put into Mofia and keeping us all engaged and exercising during this time💐🍷 Sheila Gottehrer
Mazel Tov to HIWP! From Susan Ross
Tani Schwartz-Herman and Aaron Herman ​​​​​​
I feel so blessed to be part of the HIWP community! Thank you to everyone who’s been working so hard to make us feel connected! Looking forward to the day we can all be together in person!!! Suzy Toporovsky
Continued Health, Happiness and Sanity! Ruth Levine ​​​​​​
We look forward to the day when we can all be back together! Jonna Revitz and Jon Madof
L'Chaim! From Barbara and Martin Marks
Shaya and Rachel Lerner
Healthy Israelites Wonderful People. David Zimbalist
With wishes for happiness, peace, and well-being for everyone, now and for all time. With love, Susan Ross
We are all standing together by davening apart! Hang in there! Sari Wacks and Nathan Rosenblatt
Mazaltov for a successful year. Juana Toporovsky
Sending best wishes to HIWP, and looking forward to our upcoming move to the community! Pamela Ryan and Sam Calabrese ​​​​​​​
We feel so lucky to be part of uch a caring community. Jonathan and Ricki Goodblatt ​​​​​​​
Wishing everyone Health, Happiness, and my very best. Heda Silverstein
Rachel Federman and Hillel Greene
Thank you HIWP for allowing me to be a part of the community! Crystal Powell
So very THANKFUL * Incredibly GRATEFUL * Unbelievably BLESSED! Teri and Bill Kopp
Working together by keeping us apart works to keep us together in the future! Teddy Ganzarski
Lisa and Michael Gilbert


Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781