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3) Are you ready to help with shul initiatives?

Our shul invites you. Whatever your ability, aptitude, or availability, there’s a way you can make the most unique, most personal contribution of all: volunteer!

Join a committee. Serve as an usher. Participate in chesed activities. The choice is yours… we’ll all be the richer for it.

Email us @ volunteer@hiwp.org to let us know how you would like to help or directly contact a committee lead listed below.

HIWP Committees

* Adult Education – Idana Goldberg, Shira Goldman
* Bikur Cholim –Richard and Debby Tolchin
* Book Club—Norma Hurwitz and Debby Tolchin
* Bulletin – Liz Marcus
* Boy Scouts – Evan Gilder
* Capital Campaign – Keith Reich, Marc Guthartz
* Chavurot – Shira Goldman
* Chazzan Liaison Committee – Rena Rosen, Neil Rimsky
* Chesed – Amy Ament
* CPR/Blood Drive – Marc Guthartz
* Donation Cards – Audrey Schulman
* Facility Planning Committee – Todd Stern
* Finance/Investments – Ellen Ungar, Alan Schulman
* Gabbayim—Leah Portnoy Worenklein, Gadi Romm and Michael Kellman
* Girl Scouts – Paula Gilder
* High Holiday Seating – Teddy Ganzarski, Rich Ehrenhaus
* Historian – Dan Steinhauer
* House –Mick Gilbert
* Israel Action – Dean Ungar
* Journal – Marc Metson, Talia Crystal
* Kesharim – Talia Crystal, Debbie Guthartz
* Kiddush – Keith Reich
* Laining – Ari Walisever
* Marketing – Leah Portnoy Worenklein
* Mishloach Manot – Malka Helft, Rena Rosen, Elina Flax
* Membership Outreach—Talia Metson
* MOFIA: Members Over Fifty In Action – Judy Grant
* Movie Club – Paul Orentlicher, Leah Portnoy Worenklein
* New Baby Meals – Erica Fish
* Nominating Committee – Rena Fredman, Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky, Doug Hirshon, Marc Metson, Brooke Pollak, Rena Rosen, Wendy Leibowitz, Jesse Melman
* Summer Onegs – David Siegel
* Programming – Adena Laufer, Talia Metson
* Rabbi Liaison Committee – Michelle Brody, Liron Gitig
* Security – David Worenklein, Ken Sadinoff
* Shabbat Across HIWP – Malka Helft, Rena Rosen, Jane Grauer
* Shiva Meals – Debbie Guthartz, Suzie Marder, Debbie Schwartz
* Social Media – Rachel Spinner, Aaron Herman
* Testimonial Dinner – Marc Metson
* Thrift Shop – Deborah Weinberger
* Website – Shira Goldman
* Welcoming/Membership – Debbie Fein
* Women’s Focus Committee – Meira Orentlicher
* Women’s Tefillah – Adina Steinberg, Brooke Pollak
* Women’s Rosh Chodesh – Tani Schwartz
* Yahrzeit Cards – Jerusha Coltof
* Youth Committee – Marc Metson